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Boys Wearing Girls Underwear

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Don't worry most boys have tried wearing girls underwear, panties and swimwear at one time or another. It is perfectly normal and maybe it has grown to be a fetish which is also perfectly normal. Not sure if you should believe me are any other website? If you are at all worried about it you should ask any psychologist or psychiatrist if this is true, the answer will confirm it.

Boys wearing girls underwear is completely normal and that goes for boys of all ages. It has nothing to do with gender identification. Straight, gay and bisexual boys enjoy wearing sexy underwear. It is human nature and nothing at all to freak out about. If you catch your son, husband, boyfriend or any man for that matter trying on a pair of girls underwear just let it go. Sure the individual might have an underwear fetish many do or might just wonder how those silky panties feel. Just let them enjoy it.

“Have you worn your sister’s in a hurry?”

“Well, I have worn mine in a hurry!!!!!”

Sam was feeling uncomfortable like anything as he stepped in to the mall to have the rare quality time with his girl friend. He had Helen with him in whatever he did after his post secondary education and world looked beautiful and meaningful ever since he had Helen to share his joy and happiness. They haven’t had anything unrevealed between them but that Sunday, Sam was unsettled, uncoupled and weekly composed. Helen too dint like the way Sam carried himself to the mall.

Helen couldn’t restrict herself from asking the reason for Sam’s untidy presence. Sam, however felt it hard to explain but he had to reply for Helen’s compulsion.

“I don’t feel good or comfortable”, said Sam in disguise. Helen was curious and Sam continued, “May be I got something to do with my brief”. Helen laughed at this and asked, “Why Sam, have you worn your sister’s in a hurry?”

“Well, I have worn mine in a hurry”, replied Sam which made Helen to drown in to a pool of confusions. The laugh of a joke suddenly transformed into a weird smile of vagueness as Helen stepped into an unusual perplexed phase of bewilderment. It took some time for Helen to recover and Sam was looking down as a lost man.

As and when Sam started explaining his seemingly strange character, Helen couldn’t explain what was going on in her mind. And as Sam thought, I can never accept and I would not have accepted Sam buying girl’s underwear from the mall. These made Helen think of whether this is a mental problem – boys wearing girls’ underwear.

Should it be considered as a sexual handicap?

Should boys wearing girls’ underwear be considered as a sexual handicap? The answer would be yes in a special perspective since boys, on their critical transformation phase from teenage to youth find multiple ways to satisfy their sexual desires and wishes. It has been seen that sexual handicaps are exhibited in varieties of ways among which some could be considered as too childish while some other fall under too critical sort of a concern for society. Approach to the person who has this sort of a handicap is too critical and vocal delivery should never sound as if he has committed a big mistake. Moreover, this kind of an easy go approach actually depends on the intensity and seriousness of his affection to girl’s underwear. If you are going for an advice to such sort of a person, a careful approach holds the key to success as the line of manageable handicap and serious handicap is too delicate. An open session or conversation with the boy could very well give an idea about whether the concern is too less or the concern could be of a professional interest. That means, serious cases or high sexual motive by wearing girls underwear should be treated with the supreme assistance of a trained professional.

The temptation of boys to wear girls underwear is never a new concept and it has been questioned by many parents from time to time. They might be quite baffled when they first discovered that their boy is using panties. At times, they fail to take immediate decision as they do in many other situations. All these happen because of their ignorance of the problem as a whole. Many parents fail to understand whether this is an attitude problem or is a total psychic disorder which requires much attention and care from the medical perspective.

Before going into the depth of analyzing the issue, we can start looking it at the other way around. The age of the boy who is using his mother's of sisters' underwear is a great factor influencing the seriousness of the problem. it is a quite normal phenomenon that kids wear the opposite sex's underwear and it never requires a special mentioning even. What matters is when the habit is carried over to the teens and even youth. Is this not expected when parents entertain such a character in the childhood days? Yes- you have to accept that this is mere a carryover of behavior and practices and there is nothing strange about it.

The children had enough chances to make a selection from the colorful collection of panties used by their sister. This might have given birth to an interest in them which attracted them towards beautiful girls' underwear.

There is another situation where in you notice your boy wearing girl's underwear all of a sudden. You might think of handling the situation wisely. You can ask him the reason behind it. If you feel like helping him out with a good pair of boy's under wear, some situations might work out. This depends on the attitude of your boy. There are some boys who wear it because they enjoy the fabric and like the feeling given by it when it is worn. This might be something connected with his sexual obsession and in such cases, teenagers might never love to discuss their personal affairs with others.

In most cases, the boys wearing the girls’ underwear love the feeling of the linen or satin material of underwear. Women’s underwear is usually designed with such material and some men will love the feeling. they will love the sensations and feeling they have when the underwear touches their private body parts. The feeling can be so nice for them that they will continue wearing it. You will be quite surprised to hear that there are boys who experienced erection wearing girl’s underwear. It is their sexual experience that might provoke them to continue wearing it.

Such strong feeling might keep them away from quitting the habit of using girls’ underwear. When they started using this, they might have had only a curiosity. They started using and sooner, in the transformation to the teens, they discovered various realities which made them continue using them. Now they have reached a situation where in they started stealing their sister’s lingerie and use them. Dressing like a female brings them much mental satisfaction and happiness. It will be so strong that you can’t bring them back from this desire as easily as you imagine. Of course, they even don’t realize that, they are doing something odd or strange.

It will be quite interesting that, people with such characters even get married. You might be wondering on the thought of how they might have dealt with their wife on this strange behavior. The interesting experience of many boys revealed that, their wives accepted them wearing female under garments and they have started sharing them. Doesn’t it sound awkward to you? Though it appears odd, it is a reality. There are some boys, continued using girls’ underwear even after marriage and then try to practice their boys to use girls’ underwear.

Another most serious issue seen in boys using girls' underwear is their usage of bras. There are quite a large number of boys using bras made of various materials. They keep an attractive collection with them, which even girls might not be having. There are boys completely dressing up with girls’ underwear. They use petticoats on the top of the bras.

This might seem nasty. In many cases narrated, the feelings are so intense that many fail to understand the morality in boys using girls’ underwear. You can handle the situation in many ways. The transformation period to teens can be used as a right time to stop them from using girls’ underwear. They might be embarrassed on an explanation. You can be successful by helping them with a good collection of boy’s underwear.

When they strongly hesitate to hear your words, you will be helpless. You can leave it as such thinking they might understand it from some other places. When such boys appear in front of their girl friends, sometimes on the request of these friends, they might put a halt to the character. Of course, it might take time. There are boys whole love wearing bras in a way that, it is not shown through their shirts. The most interesting thing noticed in such boys is that, they don’t use any other kind of out fits of girls. Most of them prefer to use only under wears and they consider it their personal satisfaction. This is the main reason why it is difficult to bring them back from the behavior.

In many cases, parents are giving them chances to try their sister’s underwear. This might be purposefully or unknowingly, whatever it might be, once they start enjoying the pleasure, they will always try to follow the same habit always.

Trying to arise a kind of interest in them towards the boy’s underwear will be of some help to you in an attempt to bring them back from this nasty behavior. Most of the boys using girls’ underwear are normal hetero sexual and get married also. They use these kinds of dresses, just because of the erotic component in them. The enjoyment they had when they were in the teens might have created such a strong feeling in them that they never thought of a God's law in dealing with their behavioral disorder. They continue using when they find that, their partner don’t have a problem in their usual interest in using girls underwear.
There is another class who belong to the transsexual type. They usually consider themselves to be from the opposite sex and have trapped in a wrong body. This feeling takes them to a gender identity level where they realize that, they have to start using girls’ dresses. Along with adapting all other feminine characters, they start using girls' dresses also. They will consider using panties, petticoats and bras as essential part of their wardrobe. The situation might even go worse to the stage where they even get transformed into a girl. This condition is entirely different and even exceptional which has to be considered more serious. This is beyond the scope of a normal decision as there is nothing that common people can help with this matter.
When the boys wear it just because girls underwear is usually soft and comfortable, you will not have to talk to them. They don’t have a sexual disorder and in many cases, sexual disorder is not quite common in all kinds of men using girls' underwear. They might be using panties and they use it as a substitute for briefs. They are capable of a withdrawal when they realize that it is needed. The situation is not quite dangerous and is only a matter of understanding.

There can be people who look into the issue from various stand points. This is quite natural since; there can be as many different opinions as there are people. Most of the people speak about the law of God and that this is wrong from a moral theory. They speak about the ethics of society. Most of such people oppose this behavior in a rude manner that the people who are subjected to the disorder often fails to hear their words. Others try to look at this from a psychological view and want the people to be treated to have escapism from the behavior.

When people deal with the concept of boys wearing girl’s underwear as a sexual disorder, they feel difficult in interacting with the people. They often keep away from such people and in such situations, the boys with the behavioral problem feel loneliness. They will be put under such stress and tension that, they often feel guilty and will be mentally destroyed. This will make them too worst and they will not come out of the disorder. They will start exhibiting even worse symptoms of sexual disorder which make them keep away from the normal stream of life.

There is another most interesting class of people who have a different outlook towards boys wearing girls’ underwear. They consider this as their freedom of life. They argue that this is a mere freedom of choice of under garments. People have their own freedom to decide their dress and if one have an attraction towards the opposite sex and their under garments, they should not be stopped from doing so. This will never help the people who are in trouble. According to such people, having such a behavior is never a problem and it is all about comfort and satisfaction. They have a list of supporting facts that they keep in front of the opponents. They claim that life is only once and people must be allowed to live with all happiness and satisfaction. If the under wear can bring them the peace of mind, why should you put them in too much mental pressure asking them to stop using it.
Attitude towards the boys wearing girls' underwear has a great influence on their withdrawal from the behavior. When you exhibit a completely negative attitude, they can be too rebellious. They will try to do the opposite when you try to exert too much control and pressure on them. You should never lay hands on their future and freedom. A sort of positive reinforcement will always help. the only point you have to notice here is that, you should never try to encourage them or they must not feel that you are supporting them. When they have such a feeling, they will never exhibit reverse symptoms.
Understand that sexual preferences are a part of their personality and you will not be able to lay hands on this aspect of your child. You can love them, stand with them and teach them on the moral values of life. To a certain extent, this will often help. You have to make them feel that they have to be ashamed of the fact that they are using girls' underwear. In most cases, this will surely work and they will slowly quit this. You can never expect such a withdrawal in a short period of time. It is often slow and effective. The withdrawal should always be permanent and in no way they should be taken back to their previous character. No temptation should be capable of taking the boys back to the habit of wearing girl’s underwear.
If they happen to hear that, there is nothing wrong in using the underwear of their sister and this is quite similar to using smoke or drinks, they will never come back. This takes away the chance of regret which will help them to quite their tendency to use the girls under garments. In such situations, you will have to educate them more on the values and cultures and the harmful effects of bad habits, they will think about it. Even then chances are there that, they still believe on their attitude and hesitate to change their concepts. To be more precise, making them come your way is of course a tiresome work.
If you understand that, they have a sexual disorder, you should take serious actions. In such circumstances, merely advising will not help you. You can seek the help of psychiatrists or counselors. They will be of great help to you as they can come up with ideas that will always have a strong impact on their thoughts. The response in such cases is speedy and efficient. This need not have to be treated as a mental problem dealt with the help of a psychologist. In other words, this is your another attempt to help him come out of the problem of using girls' underwear.
You can find that many boys receive the ideas of using girls under wear from internet or from their friends. In such cases, they accept it as such, without thinking twice. Such cases are quite alarming that, you might not be aware of the disorder developing in them. It might take much time for you to realize or find out this problem exhibited by your boy. So the only solution is to monitor them even when you know that, they are grown up and are adults. You can follow them until they are married and help them to come out of this behavioral disorder.

There are a quite large number of people who will realize the bad effects once they marry and settle with their wives. This will automatically help them to stop this all of a sudden. Girls can help their boyfriends to stop using girls'' underwear. Instead of supporting them and encouraging them. They can make them understand that, they don’t like this. An instruction with love will surely make them recognize the importance of quitting this bad habit.

A close monitoring and actions are needed only when they are going out of your control. If you feel that things are going beyond the normal scope, you can always seek the help of experts. Never ignore the problem thinking that there is no solution. Also if you think that this is something odd and stays away from the people, things will go even worst. If you keep them away saying they are homosexuals, they will start developing mental problems. They themselves fail to turn up and face the society. You have to have sufficient knowledge and information about this condition. Try to differentiate this from the genetic disorders.

You can always seek the help of the internet and other informative sources to handle this problem. You can ask the questions in forums and discussions. You will get replies from various people. You can make out which is your situation and can adopt a similar resolution. when people with experience reply, you will be able to make yourself stand in their shoes and think you will get quite a large number of solutions at the same time. This is then a matter of choice which will not take much time. Understand which more close to your problem is and which will be easier and simpler for you to accept. This will surely help you in a great way.

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Boys Wearing Girls Underwear

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